Specialized Medicine for Special Pets and their People!

Bend Veterinary Specialists was opened in July of 2004 by Dr. Sue A Dougherty and Dr. Mark B. Parchman, a husband and wife team that has worked together as veterinarians for over 20 years. Having moved to Central Oregon from California’s Bay area, Drs. Dougherty and Parchman envisioned opening a small referral practice that would bring compassionate, specialized medicine to Bend and surrounding areas. By maintaining a smaller practice they are able to deliver the best, most personalized care to pets and family members.

Types of Pets Treated

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Pocket Pets (Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hamsters, Rats, etc.)
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Snakes
  • Ferrets

On-Site Medical Treatment

We are equipped to offer many treatments. These include:

  • Continuous oxygen therapy
  • Chest tubes and suction
  • Intravenous fluid therapy
  • Plasma & blood transfusions
  • Antivenin for rattlesnake bites

Specialized Equipment

Specialized diagnostic equipment allows us to fully evaluate your pet’s illness or injury. We can perform:

  • Pet CT Scanner – The only one in Central Oregon!
  • Blood evaluation (complete blood counts, chemistries and clotting tests on site)
  • X-rays with our Innovet Digital X-ray Machine
  • Ultrasound
  • Blood pressure
  • Electrocardiograms

Specialty Veterinary Surgery

We are fully equipped to provide emergency surgical services including:

  • Orthopedic Evaluations
  • Neurologic Evaluations
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Radiographic Evaluations
  • Orthopedic Surgery
    • Fracture Repair
    • ACL Tears – TTA and Soft Tissue Repairs
    • Growth Abnormalities
    • Arthroscopy (Please contact us about this service!)
  • General Surgery
    • Ear Canal
    • Nasal
    • Oral
    • Abdominal
    • Thoracic
    • Rectal
    • Wound Management
  • Oncologic Surgery (cancer surgery)
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Laceration/bite wound repair
  • Caesarian section
  • Foreign body removal (intestine and elsewhere)
  • Fracture stabilization (for repair later)
  • Auto accident trauma
  • Internal bleeding/infections

Veterinary Internal Medicine

  • GI Endoscopy – esophagus, stomach, duodenum and colon
  • Bronchoscopy- lungs
  • Tracheoscopy-Trachea
  • Rhinoscopy- Nose
  • Vaginoscopy- Vagina, and bladder
  • Ultrasound- Cardiac and Abdominal
  • Radiography (X-ray)
  • Chemotherapy
  • Biopsy
  • Bone marrow collection
  • Blood transfusion
  • Plasma transfusion
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Critical care
  • Laboratory testing
  • Fluid therapy
  • Joint and spinal tap
  • Electrocardiography
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Feeding tube placement


Cardiology services available:

  • Cardiology consultation
  • Echocardiography
  • Electrocardiography (ECG/EKG)
  • Non-Invasive blood pressure monitoring (NIBP)
  • 24-hour ambulatory ECG (Holter monitoring)