“My Rottweiler had been spayed at the beginning of the month (by a different vet) which had developed an infection on the inside where you couldn’t really tell that it was infected and I had called the vet who spayed her and he didn’t seem concerned. She ended up chewing some pieces off a rubber toy which we had thought she had passed but she started to act lethargic and not herself. We brought her in late on a Saturday night they sent us home with some stuff to keep her hydrated and we were to re X-ray in 12 hours. We brought her back Sunday morning for her X-ray and ended up just doing the surgery to see if she had an obstruction she spent 24 hours here and I honestly could not have picked a better place to take her. Every single staff member that I dealt with was amazing they took a very stressful and scary situation and made us feel like everything was going to be okay. They didn’t shame us or make us feel like bad people for our dog chewing up a toy. They were very caring and she warmed up to them quickly and both vets I had talked to explained things very well (procedures and what was going on) I love that they are open on weekends and not only that they are open 24 hours which is a huge relief they are just all around amazing and I highly recommend them I just got my dog back and I can already tell she feels a lot better than when I left her there

– Savannah D, Facebook

“We brought our 6 month golden retriever in after she had eaten a Death Cap mushroom! Very scary experience and they put up with my endless questions, calls for more information and did so very respectful and patiently! It was a long overnight stay but they saved our baby! By far the best emergency vet I’ve been to in CO!”

– Natalie W, Google

“Now that I have had some time to process it all I can finally make this post. I can’t thank the staff at Bend Veterinary specialty. For my little toy Poodles loss. And their comfort and them going out of their way after too was so extremely nice because they didn’t have to be so compassionate. I could have just been another person with a hurt animal. No! They treated us with sympathy and was very just so comforting and nice in such a terrible situation.

Little cookie bean got out from our fence some how and was badly bit by a deer and poor puppy had just a giant hole in her side. There really wasn’t any saving my little service dog. She was my emotional support animal so whenever I was having PTSD or anxiety she would go alert others and stay by my side. She was my baby before I had babies. I love her so much. But seeing how much blood my little bean lost and how she couldn’t even give me a cookie kiss I knew the right thing I just didn’t want to I didn’t wanna sign it. It happened at 8:30pm and I got there by 9 and then they let me stay till like 12am saying goodbye to my sweet cookie before it was her time.

I couldn’t thank them enough for me to be able to say goodbye in a peaceful way and then after words they didn’t have to all sign and send a card but they did and that’s what got me. They all personally wrote for cookie and it just brought me to tears. I am so thankful for the place in which I took her and how amazing the staff is.

They all left a little paw print on my heart. ”

– Iris H, Facebook

“Our standard poodle was having a great time on our camping trip in Sisters, until he began looking ill on Saturday evening. We realized that we had an emergency situation on our hands after a few minutes of watching him, and we headed quickly out to get cell service and call for help. We were directed to the Bend Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center, where they had staff ready for him when we hit the door. They were straightforward and compassionate. They made the diagnosis of canine “bloat,” and had him on the operating table with no time to waste. They kept us informed, and clearly kept the animal first in their communication and recommendations. Dizzy is recovering well, and will hopefully be headed home with us to Portland this evening. (They have already made plans to have us transfer him to a place in PDX if he is not ready to spend the night at home, which is very helpful.) Huge thanks to Dr. Gordon Bunting for his great surgical skills, and an appropriate appreciation of Dizzy’s fantastic haircut! We would recommend this vet to anyone in or out of town.

– Jackie M, Facebook

“Bend Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center provided excellent end-of-life care for our beloved cat. I appreciate their compassionate veterinary caregivers and recommend them to anyone who needs emergency care for their cat or dog..”

– Steve R, Google

“I can’t say enough on how wonderful the service, treatments, and care that our 2 dogs received here this week! The vets are amazing and their knowledge is beyond exceptional! The staff is warm and friendly! I just want to thank you for saving Lucy’s life and getting her home today! Thank you Dr. Annie for putting up with Faree’s feisty side and getting his wounds taken care of! Absolutely recommend the service here for anyone’s fur-babies emergencies!”

– Pam G, Facebook

“Sue, Mark and crew to the rescue again! They diagnosed my sweet Border Collie with Protein Losing Enteropathy in 2015. Most recently, they went above and beyond in determining the right treatment for Kenzi when diagnosed with Cancer. I have such trust, faith and confidence in them that when amputation was the recommendation I knew it was the right procedure for Kenzi which wasn’t easy given the activity level a BC requires/needs. Two weeks out from surgery after the suture’s were removed, Kenzi was up and chasing her ball. Three weeks out and we have our loving Border Collie back. She’s happy and her old self. Thank you for taking such great care with our four legged, now tripawd, love, we appreciate your compassionate approach.”

– Debbi M, Facebook

“Although never how you want to spend your evening or morning, it is great to have an after hours vet center that provides such amazing care. The center, and the staff care deeply about their clients, and provide the diagnostic technology, and modern care that many clinics in town are lacking. Dr. Adam was amazing with my mother-in-law as she had to say good bye to her older dog, and I appreciated his compassion and kindness. Although I constantly wish for long periods of time between needed visits, I am grateful they are there when I need them.”

– Anita D, Facebook

“Staff is courteous and you can feel their love and compassion for animals when you walk in the door. We had a very scary experience with our 10 month puppy on memorial day, they kept an open line of communication when we were unsure of the cause and promptly notified us when they found out what was wrong. For being an emergency clinic we got affordable care on a holiday. Thank you so much to all the staff that assisted in Freddy’s care today.”

– Alexis E, Google

“I can’t say enough about this clinic. Dr. Dougherty and Dr. Parchman have treated four of our dogs over the years and we have always been amazed by their phenomenal care. They are both brilliant and have such great techs (Rhonda and Stephanie) and they all truly love animals. Sue Dougherty is so patient and she digs deep to find out the cause of whatever ails our dogs. I trust these doctors with all of my heart and soul and am beyond grateful for them. They have always made room for our animals, even when their schedule is packed. THANK YOU for being so amazing.”

– Bari L, Facebook

“The doctors and staff here are incredible! My dog was so comfortable on her first visit. We moved from out of state and this vet was recommended to me. So happy I took my friends recommendation! The vet is gentle, informative and shows she truly cares about the well being of your pet :)”

– Marisa D, Yelp

“On Tuesday evening had to find care for my kitty and was referred to the center by the answering service of my vet. When we arrived, they took Kibbles right back to the exam area and then took us back to tell us what they had found, they gave us all the options and allowed us private time to make our choice. They we very compassionate and caring, the 4 member staff was fantastic, I will recommend them and use them again should I need after hour care.”

– David F, Facebook

“Our cat “blocked” at 1:30AM on Friday- awful experience, especially in the middle of the night. Dr. Bunting and the office manager (sorry I can’t remember her name!) were so kind and composed when we arrived. They were both clear and thorough on what care would be provided and the cost break down. They were also quick to work with our normal vet clinic to share our cats medical records. We picked our cat up on Sunday and Angelique did a great job providing instructions on how to care for him at home. Thank you to all the staff working when we dropped him off Friday night, came in to visit on Saturday, and eventually took him home on Sunday for being compassionate and professional.”

– Mauri O, Google

“We are so fortunate to have this facility in our community. They saved our puppy after an allergic reaction. They were great with communication, cost estimates and made us feel comfortable with follow up and future treatment plans. We are so thankful to the entire team for their hard work.”

– Kristi H, Yelp

“When both our beloved shelties were diagnosed with kidney disease, Shady (whose illness was much more advanced) was referred to BVS. Sue Dougherty and the entire staff are incredible. Not only very knowledgeable and compassionate, but always took the time, in spite of very busy schedules, to stay in touch with us and check up to see how Shady (and Coco, who wasn’t even their patient) was doing.

Thanks to everyone at Bend Veterinary Specialists, we had an extra year or so of good health and happiness with our beloved Shady. She passed very recently as her kidneys finally gave out, but Sue and the amazing, loving staff from BVS gave us the incredible gift of more quality time with our beautiful little girl, and I can’t thank them enough. I lost count of all the times I received the hugs and love I needed from so many of the angels at BVS during Shady’s visits there. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!”

– Jodi F, Facebook